Family Friendly Freedom Class Cabins

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Selecting a family friendly cabin- or cabins- can be a challenge and sometimes feels like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack! Hopefully this will help you start your search!

Freedom Class ships consist of:

  • Freedom of the Seas

  • Independence of the Seas

  • Liberty of the Seas

Each of these ships will have similar layout, design, amenities, venues, and features.

Freedom Class ships offer a number of family friendly cabins and staterooms, as well as connecting cabin configurations that are wonderful for families. It may seem that as your family grows, you’ll need to either squeeze everyone into a cabin or start booking the more lavish suites. While both of these remain an option, there are alternatives like connecting cabins, side by side cabins, and family cabins that are less known about.


These cabins are super cool and kids love them because they have BUNK BEDS! I mean, really, what more do you need?

They offer ample space and portholes so you get some outside views without having any of the anxieties and worries that come with balconies.

These cabins accommodate up to 6 guests and are located on decks: 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, although the cabins on deck 2 are located midship, not forward.

These cabins offer:

  • Two twin beds that convert to a Royal King bed

  • One double sofa bed

  • Two Pullman beds

  • Stateroom: 293 sq. ft.

Forward cabin 8200 1K ultra spacious Family ocean view feels like a full two bedroom because instead of a curtain to the bunk beds they have an actual door and the Royal king bed is in an entirely different room blocked off with a curtain then there’s a small living room so it feels like a 2bedroom suite. 

The differences between 8200 and 8500:

  • 8200 has a larger door to the master so has a curtain instead of a door

  • 8200 has a larger living room

  • 8500 has a door that latches shut on the master bedroom

  • 8500 has 4 windows instead of 2

You can see cabins 8200 and 8500 at the top of the image below. They are in the same locations on decks 6 (6500/6200), 7 (7500, 7200), and 9 (9500/9200).

Below you can see the Deck 2 1K Ultra Spacious Oceanview cabins are located midship, instead of forward, and are cabin numbers 2568 and 2268


I really like these because one cabin is an ocean view balcony and the other is a spacious ocean view with a porthole window for the kiddos. This set up is great because you get two of everything! Two bathrooms, closets, vanities, refrigerators….so much space!

Forward cabins 9218/9518 are 3M Spacious Ocean View cabins (211sqft) and connect to 3B Ocean View Balconies 9220/9520.

These connecting cabins are great for families with 6-8 ppl including those with littles. The balcony cabin connects to the ocean view cabin via interior doors making it a perfect family configuration without worrying about the young ones possibly opening the balcony doors and the adults not giving up the balcony life.

I have this configuration booked for my 2/28/2022 sailing on Independence of the Seas!

You can see on both Starboard and Portside of the image below cabins 9218/9220 on the left and 9518/9520 on the right. The arrow indicates that these cabins connect.


With a similar configuration to the 3M/3B combo above are 9696(4B)/9701(4V) portside and 9396(4B)/9401(4V) starboard. These connecting configurations are located in the aft of the ships and they are categories 4V ( Interior) and 4B (ocean view balconies) they can sleep maximum of 4 total maybe 5 if approval with a pack and play for babies under 3. This is another perfect option for those with littles that don’t want them to have access to a balcony while sleeping in the connecting cabin. The main difference between these and the ones above is that the interior here is a true interior and does not have a porthole window. For some, with light sensitive sleepers, this could be a bonus!

These connect on deck nine but the same configuration is located on deck 8 HOWEVER these do not connect and are only side by side but could be a good option for families with older kids that want to be close: 8698/8701 portside, 8398/8401 starboard. The same set up is also on deck 10 with cabins side by side rather than connecting but are different categories. They are pairs 1692(3B)/1694(4M) portside and 1392(3B)/1394(4M) starboard.


The Ocean View Panoramic staterooms are hidden gems and if you have not considered one, I urge you to take a look! I have heard people claim to be “balcony snobs” but these cabins will confirm, once and for all, that balcony does NOT mean BETTER. These cabins are amazing. The floor to ceiling windows offer expansive views and my little ones loved sitting along the bottom of the windows on a small ledge. Kids may also enjoy some fun views of the bridge! And, the cherry on top- they’re slightly longer than standard cabins and the extra space is quite noticeable when you have a pack and play in the room.

One particularly unique cabin is forward facing stateroom number 1864 on Deck 12. It feels like you’re in the VP Ocean Panoramic Suite without the suite price! But it can only sleep 4 and doesn’t have the bunk beds like the VP but the views are amazing. Seen below, portside. It is the same category as the other 1L Spacious Panoramic Ocean View cabins but substantially larger and the same price as the others. If you see one, GRAB IT!

I will be staying in this cabin on my upcoming 2/25/2022 sailing on Freedom of the Seas!

Photo Credit: Jamie Dell’Orfano Rizzuto


This cabin offers interior views of the promenade and sleeps up to 6 and is 340 sqft, and has two pullman beds. They are located midship, decks 7 (7607/7307) and 8 (8607/8307)

Additional Suites that hold 5+ guests:

  • 2 bedroom Grand Suite

  • Owner’s Suite

  • Royal Suite

There are so many options on Freedom Class ships! Have you tried any? Tell me about it!