Surrounded by Small Wonders on Oasis of the Seas

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While Royal Caribbean ships are known for their extensive art galleries, you may not realize that you are surrounded by art all the time when you sail with Royal Caribbean!

The art installation Small Wonders onboard Oasis of the Seas has been one of my favorites and I find it to be one of the more interactive and engaging. Once we discovered it our whole family, kids included, were hooked!

If you have some downtime or just want a fun little “I Spy” game to play throughout the week, I strongly recommend keeping your eyes peeled for Small Wonders. They’re all around you!

Small Wonders embraces everyday beauty from nature. The exhibit includes 42 “small wonders” throughout the ship. Can you find them all? I’ve shared some of my favorites below.

There are many left to discover with an (almost complete) list below!

Deck 4

Deck 5

Deck 8

Deck 15

Below is a list of the 36 small Wonders in case you want to print it. There are 42 so some have yet to be discovered! You will find Deck #, Section of Ship (Forward, Midship, Aft), and side of ship (Starboard or Port)

Deck #3 
D3_F_S: Outside Conference center – P Tree 

Deck #4 
D4_F_P: near bottom on stairs from D5 – Dolphin 
D4_A_P: aft elevator bank near entrance to casino – Snake Skeleton 
D4_A_S: aft elevator bank near entrance to casino – Brazilian Agate with Icelandic Spar 

Deck #5 
D5_F_P: entrace to Promenade – Sea Shells 
D5_F_S: outside Boleros – Owl 
D5_M_S: to right of entrance to Price & Greene – Farfantepenaeus, Aztecus, Cyprinidae, Skull, Ammonite, Trilobite, Desmoceras and Dorsatum 
D5_M_S: left entrance to Michael Kors – Orchid 
D5_A_S: aft end of Rising Tide, stairs going up to D6 – Road trip – Maui 
D5_A_S: aft elevator bank outside Royal Promenade – Beetles 
D5_A_P: aft elevator bank outside Royal Promenade – Akoya Oyster Shell w/Blister Pearl 

Deck #6 
D6_F_P: balcony past elevator bank overlooking Promenade – Seahorse Skeleton 
D6_F_S: balcony past elevator bank overlooking Promenade – White Dog – Splash 
D6_A_P: inside Schooner Bar – Blue Footed Boobies ?? 
D6_A_P: outside entrance to Schooner Bar – Ammonite Fossil 
D6_A_P: coming from Boardwalk, left before elevator bank – Monkey I 
D6_A_P: back by Aqua theater – Baltic Amber with Insects 

Deck #7 
D7_F_C: center overlooking Promenade – Surfer on Sand Dune 
D7_A_P: overlooking entrance to Boardwalk – Scallops 
D7_A_S: outside Focus picture area — [art object missing] 

Deck #8 
D8_F_P: entrance to Central Park – Sycamore Seed Pods 
D8_M_P: outside Park Cafe – Starfish 
D8_M_S: aft end of trellis walkway – Azurite, Malachite, Hemimorphite, Cornetite, and Cyanotrichite 
D8_A_P: after entrance to Central Park — Bee 

Deck #10 
D10_F_P: elevator bank facing Central Park – Daisy with Bugs 
D10_F_S: elevator bank facing Central Park -Porta Joia Quartz, Jasper, Garnet, Cluster, Vanadinite and Creedite” 

Deck #11 
D11_A:_S: entrance to Concierge Club – Pink Blossoming Peach Tree 

Deck #14 
D14_A_S: elevator bank overlooking Central Park – Pink Coral 

Deck #15 
D15_F_S: outside ladies bathroom and cantilevered hot tub – Brazilian Agate w/Pink Quartz 
D15_A_S: near video arcade entrance – Prescott Rocks 
D15_A_P: center area near Freedom of the Seas ship model – Quartz Elements on Brazilian Agate 

Deck #16 
D16_F_S: overlooking Solarium towel station, entrance to Solarium level 2 – Pyrites & Amethyst 
D16_M_S: behind Sky bar – Brochantite, Malachite, Flourite and Sulfur 
D16_A_S: overlooking kiddie pool – Tree 
D16_A_P: overlooking sports pool – Baby Splash 
D16_A_S: at ZIP line takeoff area [no plaque] – Sea Urchin Shells?? 

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