Should We Book a Cabana for Our Family at CocoCay?

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To Cabana or not to Cabana? That seems to be a popular question.

The first answer is- there is no right or wrong answer. Whether you book a Cabana at Perfect Day at CocoCay or not, you will have a wonderful time, and there is an abundance of shady seating to accommodate guests.

Can a Cabana elevate you CocoCay experience? Absolutely.

Where are Cabanas located, how many guests can they accommodate, and what is included?

You’ll find cabanas available at Coco Beach Club, Chill Island, Thrill Waterpark, South Beach, and Oasis Lagoon where the freshwater pool is located. Once you purchase your Cabana, individual cabanas are preassigned. If you have a location request, or want to request multiple cabanas be located side by side, you can go to the Excursion Desk when you arrive on the ship. It never hurts to call ahead, but you will likely be advised to wait until you are on the ship.

Cabanas vary in how many guests they accommodate and price. Prices additionally vary by season, sailing, and ship. Your Cruise Planner will be the best place to watch for discounts on cabanas especially as you approach your sail date. If you purchase a cabana, then see the price go down, you can call to have the price adjusted so we always recommend getting the cabana you want before they sell out, then watching for price drops. Children ages 0-3 are complimentary and do not count towards the total headcount. Below are some general entry price guides but, as always, check your Cruise Planner for your specific sailing and use the prices below more as a reference for beginning prices. I will say, we have been able to snag a floating cabana for $599 before.

Included in your cabana rental are: daybeds and/or lounge chairs, towels, chilled bottled water, two floating mats. Select cabanas also offer snorkel gear, USB outlets and Bluetooth speakers. Life jackets and puddles jumpers are available throughout the island in childrens sizes.

Cabana Locations:

  • Chill Island

  • Oasis Lagoon

  • Thrill Waterpark

  • South Beach

  • Coco Beach Club

Beach Bed Locations:

  • Chill Island

  • Breezy Bay

  • South Beach

Chill Island Cabanas

Chill Island has Cabanas that accommodate up to 8 guests. Your cabana will come stocked by your Cabana Attendant with bottled water and towels and have USB outlets to keep your devices charged. They also have storage safes for your belongings. Complimentary snorkel gear and 2 floating matts are available to Chill Island Cabana guests as well! Chill Island is a great beach to take the little ones to have some fun in the sand. The calm waters and shade make it a family favorite for a “chill” day. Chill island is also conveniently located near bathrooms and casual dining venue Chill Grill.

What the moms had to say:

“We did chill island with our 11 month old. It was super nice to have two floating rafts, calm water and a place to hang in the shade. We also liked having an attendant to help us out!”

Thrill Waterpark Cabanas

The Thrill Waterpark Cabanas accommodate 6 guests and include admission to the waterpark. They come stocked with bottled water, towels, and a safe in the cabana. There is also a cabana attendant available to you which can be helpful with ordering food from nearby food venues, like the Snack Shack. Sometimes the convenience of having food delivered and avoiding lines is a lifesaver when you have small kids. The Thrill Waterpark Cabanas are available in multiple locations on the island- by the Family Tower, Daredevil’s Peak, and by the Wave Pool which are all included in your cabana rental, and, as noted earlier, randomly preassigned. Thrill Waterpark is also conveniently located to Splashaway Bay and Captain Jill’s Galleon if your group includes younger kids that may not be ready for all the thrills.

Is Thrill island best for little cruisers? According to Moms at Sea member Cortney Jensen, “There’s nothing in the thrill waterpark for a young toddler. It’s big slides, pools, and a wave pool. Everything outside of the waterpark is free and smaller things for her to enjoy. Don’t waste your money on that, get a cabana on one of the beaches or near the oasis lagoon instead!” So it may not be the best choice if you’re traveling with only a toddler. But mom Karah Smith said, “It was definitely worth it for us. You get the Waterpark passes with it for the 6 people, water, snacks, a locker right in the cabana. For us it was like a home base with nice shade and loungers out in the sun. The attendant will take your order for anything from the snack shack and bring it to you.”

So it may not be the best choice if you’re traveling with only a toddler, however, if you’re traveling with a group that includes toddlers and older kiddos that will want to experience the thrills, the good news is that Splashaway Bay and Jill’s Galleon are just outside the entrance to Thrill Waterpark.

Cloutier Family at Thrill Waterpark

Cloutier Family at Thrill Waterpark

South Beach Cabanas

While the calm shallow waters and lower price can be appealing, our members recommend skipping South Beach with small kids and heading to Chill Island instead. The main reasoning for choosing other cabanas over South Beach was location and feedback that South Beach was too far from the main kids features and amenities. Lots of parents highly recommend Chill Island over South Beach for its nice sand, calm water and near food, pool, bathrooms and proximity to kids areas.

Oasis Lagoon Cabanas

Oasis Lagoon Cabanas, accommodating up to 8 guests, are great for everyone in the family of all ages. You’re situated conveniently next to Oasis Lagoon Pool, the beach, and Splashaway Bay. Oasis Lagoon Pool holds the title of largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean and boasts a gradual entry, swim up bars, swim up islands, and underwater speakers. It’s the ultimate Caribbean pool day! The Cabanas come stocked with towels and water, ceiling fans, a storage safe for your belongings, your own private bluetooth speaker to use, and a USB outlet for your devices. Another bonus for the Oasis Lagoon Pool is that kids in diapers are allowed in this pool, and all pools, on Perfect Day at CocoCay. Major win!

What the moms had to say:

“We loved our cabana at Oasis Pool. Ceiling fan, bottles of water in an ice cooler, towels comfortable couch and the beach is right behind and you’re pretty close to FREE kiddie splash pad and pirate ship, “ Lori Lantz.

Oasis Cabana by Lori Lantz

Oasis Cabana by Lori Lantz

Coco Beach Cabanas

Indulge in the best CocoCay has to offer! At CocoCay you can choose between two cabana options, at different price points- the Beach Cabanas or the Floating Cabanas, both accommodating up to 8 guests. All cabanas come with bottled water, a dining area, four lounge chairs, a sectional sofa, a fridge, a ceiling fan, lockable storage, a charging outlet, and complementary admission to the Coco Beach Club and all of its amenities. You’ll have access to the infinity edge swimming pool and private club restaurant with its own menu items! Lunch is served from 11-3 and you do not want to miss it! They offer filet mignon, grilled Bahamaian lobster, grouper, Cabana Burgers, Lobster rolls and more! After 3pm light snacks are available for the remainder of the day. Drinks aren’t complementary but if you have the drink package you can use it at the Beach Club. It all seems so upscale- are we sure kids are welcome? ABSOLUTELY! The Coco Beach Cabanas include snorkel gear for all ages, and there is a private slide attached to all floating cabanas.
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One thing we know for sure, is that however you choose to spend your day on CocoCay, it will be absolutely perfect.

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