The Most Recommended Stroller for a Royal Caribbean Cruise

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Best Stroller at Sea

As reported by 10,000 Moms at Sea, and a few awesome Dads at Sea, too

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We’re going to dive into the question that’s burning in the mind of every mom that’s SAILING bravely into unchartered waters, “What is THE BEST stroller to take on a cruise ship?”

Let’s start off by considering what make a stroller ideal for a cruise ship. While operating a stroller on a cruise ship has many similarities to being on land there are some key differences to consider, not only for cruising but for travel to and from the ship.

  • Width: Doors on the ship are narrow and the width can vary from ship to ship so just because your full-sized Uppa baby fit through the doors on one ship, doesn’t mean it will on another. Too wide of a stroller means you may spend time either removing a wheel to get it in and out of a room or unloading in the hallway to collapse the stroller and carry it into the room. Not fun if you have a sleeping babe.

  • Footprint: On the ship you’ll want something that collapses easily and has a small footprint when closed, or even better, can slide under the bed or fit in the closet. Space is tight in a cruise ship stateroom and you don’t want to spend your seven days in paradise climbing over a stroller or you’ll be ready to toss it overboard quickly. Elevators on cruise ships are prime real estate and get cozy during peak times. To ensure being able to catch elevators more quickly, keeping size reasonable will help.

  • Sunshade: Sun protection! Sun in the Caribbean, and most cruise destinations, is INTENSE. On top of sunscreen, a sun shade is a great way too keep babes cool and prevent sunburns.

  • Recline: Ability to recline! Days at port and at sea can be demanding on our littlest cruisers and if they can nap in a stroller it may mean a little more time for mom and dad to be out and about rather than in the stateroom.

  • Ease of operation: If you’re flying you can expect to collapse your stroller and put it through the x-ray scanner every time you go through security. SURPRISE! You’ll have to do this every time you board the ship coming in from port too! YAY! Can you sense the sarcasm? So being able to break it down quickly with a line of hot, tired, sometimes drunk (maybe them, maybe you) cruisers staring at you is key.

  • Ergonomics: No one wants to spend the day hunched over a flimsy umbrella stroller. No one.

  • Durability: Not surprising many parents hope to get away with an economical throwaway umbrella stroller. We’ve been those parents. We’ve found the difficult way, that after several days of sand, cobblestone, and hallway carpet the wheels tend to get unstable and unwieldy.

  • Price: For many this can be a one and one stroller that they’ll use for the week or as a travel stroller as a back up to a bigger stroller for regular use at home, so it makes sense that most don’t want to break the bank

So, which stroller checks all the boxes?

Kenny Flowers

The Summer 3D Lite is far and beyond the most loved and recommended stroller by Moms at Sea.

The versatile stroller has a sunshade, reclines, is light weight, and can be carried on your shoulder. Its easy to collapse and compact which helps get through security. Moms love the smooth ride and height of the handle bar keeps parents from feeling hunched over. It’s narrow enough to fit through doors and there are ZERO reports of it not being able to fit through stateroom doors on any ship!

In a poll conducted in the group the Summer Infant 3D beat the Uppa Baby Vista in and impressive 68 to 6 vote!

The Summer Infant 3D has remained a Moms at Sea favorite for cruising with babies and toddlers. It’s great for travel getting rave reviews for air travel and Disney as well, and with so many features, makes a great accessory stroller to use after vacation as well. For the price and features, it just can’t be beat.

As Mom as Sea member Justin said, “Just get the Summer Infant 3D Lite and don’t look back. Best travel stroller ever.”

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