Royal Caribbean Provides New Booking Feature for Travel Partners

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Booking for Five?

Your Travel Agent can handle that for you now

Always looking for ways to support their travel partners, Royal Caribbean appears to have empowered travel agents to view cabins capable of accommodating groups of five through their booking software. As travel agent Brittany Watson, owner of Your Perfect Get Away by Brittany Watson says, this is a game-changer.



Travel agents can now select a filter that provides options for cabins that sleep FIVE guests and show categories available that have an occupancy for five or more guests. Travel agents will still need to call to add the fifth guest but the ability to see the staterooms is a huge step towards better serving their clients.

“I am extremely excited about the addition of this new feature. In the past, it would take a lot of time and tedious searching to help families of five get a price for their family cruise. With this addition, I can easily search, see all of the options quickly, and even look at multiple ship options in the same amount of time or faster than one ship search before. This will be a huge benefit to me and my clients,” shared Brittany.

This feature seems to be available only to travel partners as Moms at Sea could not find options for staterooms that accommodate five guests on the consumer side of the Royal Caribbean booking engine.