Certificate of Recovery Example

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If you find yourself or a member of your travel party testing positive less than 90 days but greater than 11 days prior to your sail date, you may need to obtain a Certificate of Recovery to submit in lieu of pre-cruise testing. This cannot be used in place of vaccination.

A Certificate of Recovery from a provider stating that you have fully recovered from COVID-19 will need to be presented along with documentation of a positive PCR test taken between 11 and 90 days prior to your cruise.

The Certificate must meet the following requirements:

  • Official letterhead from a healthcare provider, public health official or telehealth provider showing:

    • Their name

    • Their address

    • Their phone number

    • Confirmation of your recovery and completion of isolation

  • Must be typed (not handwritten) and signed by the provider

  • Must confirm the sample collection date of the positive PCR test, which must be a minimum of 11 days and a maximum of 90 days before the departure date of your cruise.

Additionally, separate from the Certificate, a positive result document for a COVID-19 PCR test taken a minimum of 11 days and a maximum of 90 days before the departure date of your cruise will need to be submitted. An antigen test result will not be accepted with a Certificate of Recovery.

If your provider is unsure what to say in their letter, we have included an example below. It must be printed on their letterhead with all the information listed above. It must be accompanied by a PCR test. This is not a Certificate of Recovery, only an example of language to show your provider. We did have this language reviewed by Royal Caribbean and were told it is acceptable language provided it is on your physicians letterhead with their name, address, and phone number.

To Whom It May Concern:

 This document is to serve as a letter of recovery for ________________________________.

 They tested positive for COVID-19 on _____________ by means of PCR testing. They have completed their recommended quarantine and are considered recovered from their COVID-19 illness. They are considered at no increased risk for travel from an infectious or medical standpoint.

 Provider: ___________                Date:___________

Though Royal Caribbean will accept documentation meeting these requirements to board, many countries are not currently accepting Certificates of Recovery. In these ports, guests who provided certificates would not be allowed to debark.

The following ports are currently not accepting a Certificate of Recovery for debarkation:

  • St. Kitts

  • Panama

  • Panama Canal

  • Jamaica

  • Bonaire

  • St. Lucia

  • Guatemala

  • Colombia

  • Trinidad & Tobago

  • St. Vincent

  • the Grenadines

  • Haiti

  • Cayman Islands

  • Bermuda