The Most Popular Amazon Products for Your Cruise

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We wanted to see what the most popular products in the Moms at Sea Amazon Store are! So here we go!

This post contains affiliate links as Moms at Sea participates in the Amazon Influencer program. If you make a purchase through any of these links we may make a small commission at not additional cost to you.

Cruise Lanyards

These are super cheap to purchase ahead of your sailing and you’ll be paying FAR less than the onboard lanyards. Thats said, I love my sparkly Royal Caribbean lanyard and have been using the same one for years!

Electronics Organizer

Cables all over a cabin are the worst! There’s limited options for plug ins to begin with and a system to keep them organized can really make a difference.

Collapsible Laundry Basket

This is great to have on hand for keeping your stateroom tidy and organized. I throw all our dirty laundry into a large packing cube for the trip home to keep it separated from everything else.


It never hurts to have as many options as possible on hand for nausea if you’re concerned about Seasickness!

Magnetic Hooks

Important to make sure you have hooks with the proper weight limits and capacities. You want to keep your belongings from sliding down the wall but don’t want to break a nail or have them turn into a flying projectile when you try to take them down!

Luggage Tag Holders

Perfect for making sure your luggage makes it to it’s intended destination. If you forget them, or forget to attach yours, the porters in port are always happy to put them on for you.

Cruise Power Strips

Let’s be honest, there’s never enough outlets.

Jewelry Organizer for Medications

This is just a work of art.