Best Deodorant for a Caribbean Cruise

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The Caribbean calls for whole new level of sweat protection- but for many its not so much the sweat that bothers us, as much as it is the stank! So we polled our 25,000 member community to see what the most loved DO for your BO is!

There were a couple top contenders, along with suggestions for this Arm Pit Detox Mask , Botox, topical glycopyrronium wipes, and clinical strength antiperspirants (worth noting that many commented that these irritated their skin).


Carpe is an aluminum salt based antiperspirant enhanced with natural powders and oils, like eucalyptus, to give you long lasting, non-irritating dryness. Carpe works best when applied before bedtime and can take about four weeks to reach peak effectiveness.

Secret Clinical


LUME was recommended overwhelmingly more than all other brands by a longshot! Our members with stank concerns absolutely raved about this product as a total stank solution. So I looked into it a bit more! Lume, pronounced loo-mee, was developed by a female OB-GYN resident when she noticed how body odor, whatever the source, was “undermining the confidence and self worth of men and women everywhere.”

Because Lume stops odor causing reactions from happening on your skin’s surface, its described more as a pre-oderant than a de-odorant! Lume is made from naturally-derived ingredients and is also aluminum-free, baking soda-free, and cruelty-free, so you can feel confident using it on even your most sensitive skin (yep, we’re talking about your lady bits!). And, it’s clinically-proven to control odor—anywhere on the body—for 72 hours.

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