Introducing: FlexPay

Filed under: Planning

Royal Caribbean is now giving guests booked with a travel advisor the ability to set up their own payment plans through a new program called FlexPay. The new service offers the opportunity to schedule up to ten payments at dates of your choosing. There are no fees associated and you can cancel payments at anytime.

For a sailing to be eligible for FlexPay a deposit has to be made and the sailing has to be outside final payment. Once the program has been activated, the payment dates and amounts can be modified.

The system is secure, easy, convenient, and it’s smart! If a sailing is repriced, the FlexPay program will automatically recalculate the remaining payments based on the new total due.

The system automatically calculates three payments but up to ten can be added and dates can be modified. With the automatic three payment set-up, the first payment will be scheduled for the day after the payments are set up, the final payment will be on the scheduled final payment day, and the middle payment will be scheduled midway between the first and last. When ten payments are scheduled they are simply divided into ten payments, lowering the amount of each evenly.

This is a great option for those who want to plan ahead and and ease the pain of some of those big final payment dates!

Reach out to your travel advisor if you’re interested in the program!