Shhh….These Secret Cabins on Freedom of the Seas are Perfect for Families

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The category stateroom I am going to share with you checks all the boxes and is ideal for a family (up to 4 people). They can be difficult to find information on and even more elusive when looking for images, but I was lucky enough to sneak a peek!

In 2020, Royal Caribbean completed a $116 million dollar amplification on fan favorite Freedom of the Seas and added SIX amazing cabins. These cabins are slightly off the beaten path and may not appeal to all guests but I’m here to tell you, that works in our favor because they are PERFECT for families. Join my 26,000 member Facebook group to chat all about family cruising on Royal Caribbean!

These cabins are categorized as 3M Spacious Ocean View Cabins. They can accommodate up to four guests with two twins that can be put together to make a Royal Queen and a double sleeper sofa, and are 211 square feet. They are cabin #’s 1892, 1894, 1896, 1898, 1900, and 1902. It’s important to note that this post only applies to these specific cabin numbers as there are other 3Ms on the ship but they do not have the same features as these six.

Features I LOVE about these cabins:

1) They are NEW. They are updated with new finishings, furniture, cabinetry and bathrooms. The aesthetic of these rooms is more like a newer Oasis or Quantum Class ship.

2) They are large! The newer ships bring all the bells and whistles, no doubt about it, but the Freedom class ships are not without their own benefits that you wont find on the newer mega ships, space and storage being one of them. With the newer ships, designers and engineers have been able to really get their bang for the buck when it comes to square footage, and just like real estate on land, square footage at sea comes with a premium and the cruise lines have found a way to fill every nook and cranny with an opportunity to create revenue. So to find these new updated rooms at this spacious size brings major bonus points for me. It feels like a mini Jr Suite on an Oasis class ship.

3) Tons of storage! These cabins offer essentially a wall of storage with plenty of cabinets, drawers, and hidden shelves IN ADDITION TO a walk in style closet with shelving. Ample room to store suitcases, strollers, a pack and play during the day- heck, you could even have a little one take a nap in this closet if you needed to.

4) Large window! Balcony snobs- you can keep your balconies! I will take a nice ocean view room all day and I have sailed in the full spread from interiors to suites. A balcony alone does not make a room. This is a fantastic cabin and I would take it over a balcony on this ship. I love the full floor to ceiling window similar to the Panoramic Ocean View rooms located on deck 12 forward. They have a small bump out behind the curtain that makes for a great little viewing nook or hideaway for kiddos.

5) Price- they are the same price as the other 3M ocean view cabins on board, though in my opinion, could have had a premium.

6) And my final feature that makes this cabin perfect for families: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! As I mentioned above, these cabins are tucked away in a quiet space that might not make it a winner for everyone, but for families, it doesn’t get much better. Let me show you why!

In the image above, these particular 3M cabins run along the left hand side. These cabins are accessed through a doorway that takes you into a quiet and secluded hallway. Do you see how convenient they are to Adventure Ocean and the nursery? It just doesn’t get better than this, friends.

Splashaway Bay and the Windjammer are literally at your doorstep. Walk out of your hallway and down one flight of steps and you are right at the entrance to Splashaway Bay when facing forward and if you turn around to face aft you are headed straight into the Windjammer.

Additionally all of your main dining rooms are going to be located on the aft end of the ship so if you are in one of these cabins you can take the stairs straight down without having to wait for the elevators if you’re in a hurry. It also means you wont be spending time crossing the the length of the ship constantly. You are in a location where you can easily and efficiently get to the parts of the ship you will access most.

This cabins packs all the punches and is absolutely ideal for a family- space, aesthetics, and LOCATION on a wonderfully amplified ship! We have a winner!