Wonder of the Seas Splashaway Bay

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While many cruisers wait with bated breath to see the latest and greatest innovative features being added to today’s state of the art cruise ships, moms, especially those of younger children, have one burning question on their minds- How’s the splash pad?

Well, I’m here to tell you, I think you’ll be quite pleased with the Splashaway Bay aboard the all new Wonder of the Seas!

As Splashaway Bays have evolved, you’ll notice an obvious response to family feedback with each new iteration. With the first Splashaway Bays to be installed, a major gripe from families was that there was only one large slide on the potty trained slide with a height requirement that left less tall, yet potty trained, kids with no slide option. Royal Caribbean’s response to this is very noticeable on Oasis of the Seas by the addition of two slides with no height requirement, as well as a large orange spiral slide, in the potty trained side of Splashaway Bay.

Wonder of the Seas seems to take this responsiveness to family feedback even further. This Splashaway Bay!

Above, you are looking at the potty trained side. There is a view from the other side below.

At first glance you’ll notice it has all the hallmarks of Royal Caribbean’s signature splash pads- water cannons, drench buckets, water bubblers, and slides. But on further inspection something catches my eye- There is a smaller blue slide that I’ve seen in the diapered side before that has been added to the potty trained side. I love this! Another slide option. It appears to be detached from the main slide structure which will be great for keeping the little ones out of the way of some of the bigger adventurers.

Additionally, on the potty trained side there is an open air purple slide and large covered winding yellow slide. Height requirements vary so we wont know those until we board but there appear to be lots of options!

The diapered side of Splashaway Bay appears larger to me than most and is well integrated into the main splash pad area. There are pros and cons to this. Some parents did not like the diapered side being separated, making it more difficult to monitor kids in each area. The flip side to that is some parents liked the separation because the younger ones couldn’t see their older siblings whereas when they’re right next to each other the little ones want so badly to go be with the big kids! So- for me, I wont consider that a pro or con, as that will vary so much on personal preference. I assume they got a lot of feedback to have them close and this is a response to that.

Below, you are seeing the diapered side in the foreground with the potty trained side behind it.

The diapered side also has two small side by side slides and is full of bubblers, fountains, and interactive water features.

I have no doubt this will become a fleet favorite Splashaway Bay!

What do you think!?

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