What Is Wave Season and Why You Should Care

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Catch the wave

Wave Season Is Here. Where is it taking your family?

Wave season is here and we’re going to tell you exactly why this is important.

One of the most frequently asked questions we see in Royal Caribbean Moms at Sea is, “When is the best time to book a cruise?”

The answer is:

  • When itineraries are released

  • As soon as you decide you want to cruise and have found a sailing you like because prices tend to go up

  • Wave Season

Every year from January to March, the cruise industry goes through Wave Season. Named wave season for its likeness to a wave of deep discounts and extra offerings like free amenities, specialty meals, drink packages, and other incentives, wave season is like a three month long Black Friday for cruises. This is huge when you’re cruising with kids and families.

And these deals are coming just when we need a cruise to look forward to the most. It’s no coincidence that wave season helps provide a little sunshine in the midst of grey. It shouldn’t surprise you that wave season is timed right when we start yearning for warmer weather. Fun fact, this is the same time that seed and gardening catalogues are released as well!

While cruise lines may benefit during wave season from our need for sun and sand, this is the consumer’s opportunity to find some incredible deals. “The entire travel marketplace is built on a revenue model that rewards early bookers, as prices increase based on the supply and demand cycle,” says Tom Baker, of Cruise Center. “Most cruise lines go into the new year already 50 to 60 percent booked, but another 20 percent is typically booked during this period. This is really the opportunity [for travelers] to take advantage of early booking specials, upgrades, onboard credits, and incentives before prices begin to rapidly increase.”

These won’t always be the rock bottom prices, but they’re likely the most sweetened deals. The cruise lines have learned that if they can book the majority of their staterooms at the beginning of the year, they won’t have to drop prices for last minute sailings 30-60 days before departure. This is why you’ll find the best deals when a cruise is released and see pricing increase as the ship fills up. Many new cruisers that have heard tales of waiting for last minute savings are often surprised to learn these ships sail full.

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