SnoofyBee Portable Clean Hands Changing Pad

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A Changing Pad That Will Change the Way You Change Diapers

Cruise lines do the best they can to keep germs from spreading among passengers. There are bottles of sanitizer everywhere with staff constantly reminding you to wash your hands as you enter dining areas. Some lines even have little jingles that gets stuck in your head long after debarkation; we all know Wash Your Hands on Royal Caribbean!

But when it comes to our littlest travelers it never hurts to take extra precautions for safety.

The SnoofyBee Portable Clean Hands Changing Pad is a great way to keep your little cruisers hands clean while in changing areas on the ship and in port.

While it seems to have been created to keep babies hands out of the way during changes, this Mom at Sea sees an opportunity to keep babe from touching EVERYTHING on bathroom countertops and changing tables. This is a fantastic tool while traveling when we’re around even more unfamiliar germs. We all know a tummy bug can ruin a family vacation but it can really put our littles in danger. We love this simple extra step to keep them safe.

The pad is waterproof and folds up into itself to create an easy to carry travel pad. It’s an absolute no brainer.


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