Update to Future Cruise Credit Expiration Dates

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Today Royal Caribbean is sharing some good news for guests with Future Cruise Credits they’re needing to use – an update that will grant additional flexibility when redeeming pending Future Cruise Credits (FCCs).

For select FCC types, Royal Caribbean will be removing the expiration date, expanding your travel options by opening a broader window to sail within.

Effective June 1st, 2022, all unredeemed Future Cruise Credits will be treated as follows:

  • Cruise with Confidence FCCs will no longer expire. Though their systems will continue to require a noted expiration date, they will automatically extend this date to one in the far future – ensuring that these FCCs will never terminate.

  • Global Sailing Suspension FCCs will also offer increased flexibility. The portion of the FCC value that represents 100% of the cruise fare paid on the original reservation will no longer expire. The incremental 25% bonus value, however, will maintain the current expiration date noted on the Future Cruise Credit and will remain active until this point. For this you will need to redeem this portion of the FCC before the expiration date or such funds will become inactive and can no longer be used towards a future sailing.

  • All Other FCC Types remain unchanged and will continue to enforce the expiration date noted on the Future Cruise Credit.