About moms at sea

How did I become a Mom at Sea? That’s a good question considering that five years ago I had zero, zip, zilch, plans of getting on a cruise ship. But, we do crazy things when we are in love ad my then boyfriend (now husband) really, really, really wanted me to go on cruise with him and his family. Not one to say no to the tropics, I packed my bag, boarded the ship, and try as I might to avoid it, fell in love with cruising.

There is something about being in the middle of the ocean, with the salty air, and waking up in a different port everyday. I’m not gonna lie. There’s also something SUPER SPECIAL about not cooking or doing dishes, having your bed made twice a day (after wake up and after afternoon nap, of course!), and being waited on hand and foot. So, if that sounds like something you could maybe kinda get into, you may want to give cruising a try.

Cruising definitely changed when we started bringing our daughter along. She was nine months old on her maiden voyage upon the Allure of the Seas. Form what we can tell, she had a great time. Us? Well, we were a little frazzled. We didn’t know about all of the wonderful services for families with babies, and I didn’t have any other moms to tell me the best way to track with baby formula on a cruise ship.

So when I got back from our second family cruise, having learned a few handy mom tricks, I started Moms at Sea.

Moms at Sea is a place where moms, dads, and other family members can come to find tips and tricks that only experienced cruise moms have figured out. We are there to support you when someone says, “But the baby is never gong to remember the cruise!” We are there with tips when you want to know what the best stroller to take onboard is. And we are there to tell you to leave that damn wagon at home because you will be making NO FRIENDS in the elevator with that thing. We keep it honest.

But most of all, we are there to help other moms and families CRUISE WITH CONFIDENCE.


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