What Does It Mean If A Royal Caribbean Ship Has Been Amp’ed Up

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Royal Caribbean invites you to turn up the Adventure and hop aboard a Royal Amplified ship. Royal Amplified is Royal Caribbean’s bold new take on some fleet favorites. They’ve added new dining experiences, thrills and activities for all ages, and turned up the entertainment. Basically, being amped up means a ship has gotten a refresh and had many of the updated features added! Think of it like when you add a package to your car!

Mariner of the Seas, Royal Caribbean

Mariner of the Seas, Royal Caribbean

Completed Amplifications:

Oasis Class:

  • Oasis of the Seas

  • Harmony and Symphony had many of the major amplification features (Splashaway Bay, The Ultimate Abyss, The Perfect Storm) included in their original construction

Freedom Class:

  • Independence of the Seas

  • Freedom of the Seas

Voyager Class:

  • Mariner of the Seas

  • Navigator of the Seas

  • Voyager of the Seas

Numerous other ships had Amplification plans that were placed on hold during the Coronavirus pandemic. Allure, Liberty, Adventure, Explorer are all on hold.

While each ship received its own special Amplification package, there were some consistencies across the entire class. Lets break down the Class specific features:

Oasis Class:

Oasis of the Seas received an incredible $165 million dollar top to bottom Royal Amplification

The completely re-imagined pool deck brings a whole new world of thrills to explore:

  • The Ultimate Abyss- the tallest slide at sea brings it’s game with a 10 story drop down the back of the ship. This is a DRY SLIDE so you don’t have to wait for pool time to get your thrills. Must be 44” tall to ride.

  • The Perfect Storm- a trio of multistory intertwining waterslides aptly name Typhoon, Cyclone, and Supercell. Must be 48” tall minimum to ride.

  • Splashaway Bay- Splashaway bay is Royal Caribbean’s action packed water feature for kids! Here they’ll find slides, water cannons, fountains, pools and whirlpools, and a giant drench bucket! Splashaway Bay is NOT part of the swim area for diapered kiddos, though not to worry, it typically has a section for diapered babes attached (pic below). Height Restrictions: 42″ minimum (42” minimum for the purple slide and 45” minimum for the yellow slide on Liberty of the Seas®)

  • Poolside Bar Lime & Coconut

Harmony Splashaway Bay.jpg

Splashaway Bay

You can see here, Splashaway Bay, while technically refers to the larger area on the right, being for potty trained kiddos, typically includes the area for diapered kiddos on the left.

Now lets take a look at some of the new features brought to Oasis of the Seas during her amplification:

  • Portside BBQ (specific to Oasis)

  • Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade

  • Bionic Bar

  • El Loco Fresh

  • Sugar Beach

Entertainment Additions:

  • Aqua80- Royal Caribbean’s stunning AquaTheatre aquatic show aboard Oasis. These shows are nothing short of incredible with divers and acrobats performing to your favorite 80’s tunes!

  • One Sky- a full scale production that explores human connection

  • Spotlight Karaoke

  • Music Hall- features live cover bands, dance floor, pool table, and two story lounge

Family Fun:

  • All New Adventure Ocean!

  • Social298 for teen with outdoor hang out deck, The Patio

  • Glow in the Dark Laser Tag

  • Royal Escape Room, Mission Control: Apollo 18

  • As you can see, Oasis underwent a whopper of a facelift! With so many new features and experiences, you just can’t go wrong booking Your Family Adventure aboard the stunning Oasis of the Seas!

Already onboard all Oasis Class Ships: Neighborhoods, AquaTheatre, 3D Movies, Broadway Musicals, The Perfect Storm, Ultimate Abyss, Zip Line, Boardwalk, Central Park, 2 FlowRider Simulators, Carousel, Ice Skating Rink, Outdoor Movie Screen, Laser Tag, Luckey Climbers

Splashaway Bay, Adventure of the Seas

Splashaway Bay, Adventure of the Seas

Next up, Freedom Class!

Freedom Class ships that have been Amp’ed Up are Freedom of the Seas and Independence of the Seas. These are the features they added:

  • Sky Pad (Independence)

  • Splashaway Bay

  • The Perfect Storm

  • El Loco Fresh (Freedom)

  • Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar (Freedom, Indy and Liberty still have the classic Giovanni’s Table)

  • Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade

  • Sugar Beach

  • Laser Tag

  • Escape Room

  • Fish and Ships (Independence)

Already included on Freedom Class Ships:

  • Rock Climbing Wall

  • Ice Skating Rink

  • Royal Promenade

  • British Style Pub

  • Outdoor Movie Screen

  • Broadway Musicals

And Voyager Class:

Voyager ships that have been Amplified include Mariner, Navigator, Voyager of the Seas.

Added features on these ships include:

  • Sky Pad (Mariner)

  • El Loco Fresh (Navigator)

  • Hooked (Navigator)

  • Splashaway Bay

  • Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade (Mariner and Navigator)

  • Starbucks (Mariner and Navigator)

  • The Perfect Storm

  • The Bamboo Room

  • Laser Tag

  • Escape Room (Mariner and Navigator)

Already featured on Voyager Class:

  • Rock Climbing Wall

  • Ice Skating Rink

  • Royal Promenade

  • Virtual Balcony Staterooms

  • Outdoor Movies

  • Flowrider

Ok, you got all that? Because here’s where it gets a little tricky! For the kiddos specifically.

Follow me here- Splashaway Bay was an upgrade for these ships but some of the ships, like Liberty and Majesty, newer Oasis Class ships, already had “Splashaway Bay” meaning they already had kids pool areas with small slide features and a little more to entertain than some of the more simple H20 zones. You can see the differences in the H20 Zone and Splashaway Bay below. Pretty big difference, right?

Here is a list of all ships with nurseries and splash pads for diapered kiddos!

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